How Our Partnership with MemSQL Empowers You with Real-Time Data Warehousing

Leading companies such as Comcast, Akamai, Kellogg’s, Dell EMC, Pinterest, Samsung, and Pandora use MemSQL to drive value from data with real-time data warehousing and analytics.

‘At Twingo, we make sure to carefully select the best technologies in the world. Since MemSQL is a leader in the real-time analytics space with its innovative approach to handling simultaneous data ingest and analysis, we are proud to work with them to support our customers such as Appsflyer, Matomy.’

Golan Nahum, CEO, Twingo - MemSQL Partner for real time analyitcs Tweet

Here, at Twingo, we use our expertise to design, build, embed, and implement real-time enterprise solutions for businesses around the globe in every industry sector. 

We introduced MemSQL to AppsFlyer, a SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform based out of Israel. AppsFlyer struggled with handling billions of daily events in real-time. Druid, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, and Amazon Redshift did not scale in terms of performance and cost. Our new MemSQL solution allowed AppsFlyer to aggregate 10 times more data for less cost and with faster responses times.

The MemSQL Partner Program

Created to enable organizations moving towards real-time operations, the MemSQL Partner Program provides us with the resources, expertise, and technical support  required to help you thrive in the data-driven, digital economy.

Currently, MemSQL partners with industry innovators such as Tableau Software, Looker, Zoomdata, Microsoft, Cisco, Informatica, Amazon Web Services, and many others.

‘Enterprises today are looking for innovative ways to harness data to get a competitive edge. MemSQL works with its partners to take advantage of this enormous opportunity to digitally transform industries by capturing and analyzing real-time data to drive change. We believe a strong partner ecosystem is critical in making this promise a reality.’

Eric Frankiel, CEO and Co-founder, MemSQL Tweet


Through our partnership with MemSQL, we are able to bring innovative real-time data warehousing solutions to enterprises quickly.

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