About MicroStrategy

Microstrategy provides powerful software solutions and expert services that empower every individual with actionable intelligence, helping enterprises unleash the full potential of their people and investments.

The MicroStrategy platform provides all the capabilities organizations need to build and deploy analytics and mobility applications that transform and accelerate business. By putting answers in everyone’s hands, regardless of role, function, or skill level, MicroStrategy’s suite of products helps your organization become an Intelligent Enterprise.

Twingo & MicroStrategy

Twingo is the official marketing and deployment representative of Microstrategy in Israel.

We boast extensive experience in the field of Bi Analytics, in general, with a specialization in Microstrategy.

Using Microstrategy tool we offer each customer a BI solution tailored to their needs.

 We have successfully deployed projects for Internal BI, SaaS, Mobile BI, OEM and Big Data BI solutions. Our solutions are developed and deployed within a short time period – thanks to agile development methodologies.

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Presale Services

Postsale Services

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Mobile Bi

In the modern word of smart mobile devices it is only logical that the enterprise BI solution should be accessible anywhere from any device: a smartphone, a tablet or any other device, as long as it supports high-quality visualization.
MicroStrategy has developed applications for each of the mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, iPad, Blackberry and more) to create a Mobile BI solution that makes the enterprise BI accessible from any mobile device.
Amazing visualization, local data storage, advanced information security, centralized management and control, automatic report customization for each device (no need to create separate reports for different target platforms!).

MicroStrategy’s mobile platform was voted – for the second year in a row – the best platform in the world for mobile solution development.

Why choose MicroStategy?

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