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Now you can get all the value of the Vertica Unified Analytics Platform, with none of the setup, administration, and management, available as Vertica-as-a-Service.

Product Overview

Delivering Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning at Top Speed from Start to Finish.

Vertica Accelerator is Vertica-as-a-Service (SaaS) that delivers a unified, high-performance advanced analytics and machine learning platform with automated cloud setup, administration, and management. It runs in your own AWS cloud account, with management automation from the Vertica management plane – designed, built, and maintained by Vertica experts.

Easy Administration

Vertica Accelerator automation handles upgrades, backups, and installation, so that you can focus on your analytics and machine learning.

Autoscaling and Autoscheduling

Ramp up compute automatically, with the advantage of user-defined guardrails to avoid high surprise bills.

Freedom to Negotiate

Use your negotiated discounts, savings plans, and reserved instances set up on your secure AWS account.

Analytics that Scales

As your data and analysis needs grow – more users, more use cases, more data — Vertica Accelerator grows with you.

Data Democratization

Provide dedicated workload resources for all analysts and data scientists without worrying that other workloads will slow you down.

Backed by Vertica Experts

Use your negotiated discounts, savings plans, and reserved instances set up on your secure AWS account.

How It Works

From Onboarding to Ongoing


Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Data – and More

To protect your data and more, Vertica has implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013. That means you can rest easy knowing that Vertica is committed to ensuring that everything from information security to asset management and control to cryptography and so much more adheres to the most stringent security policies and latest cutting-edge technologies and processes.

Read the Vertica Accelerator Security Statement for more details