Data Science Solutions With AI

We provide data science project best practices, closed scoped projects & long term planning.

In projects that use AI technologies, the line between great success and colossal failure is sometimes very thin, and a little bit of guidance may do a great difference. We are on a journey to make data science more accessible.

As with computer programming in the 80s, companies stand in front of this new discipline and struggle to understand it: how to start, how to build a team, how to plan a project, and more.

Therefore, data science operation many times accompanied with frustration: from managers, who don’t get the business values they were promised, and data scientists, who feel the organization doesn’t understand/provides them with the right environment.

This is even more eminent in small organizations since the resources are scarcer and the cycles are shorter.

We provide a safe landing in the data science field.

With dozens of successful projects behind us in numerous business fields, we provide best data science project practices. closed scoped projects & long-term planning.

Let's talk about your next AI project:

Our Services

Computer Vision

Computer vision is in the frontier of AI Technology, and we are in the frontier of Computer vision. We engage in challenging tasks and take them to human level and beyond

Text Analytics

Write plays like Shakespeare, or copywrite like Don Draper. Every organization has a database full of text may it be customer or product-related data, just waiting to get analyzed for insights.


Every online B2C business is based on the capability of the customer to find his way to what he desires, or perhaps to offerings he didn’t know he desires.
Using personalization algorithms will rely on the user previous data and actions to make sure he finds what he needs.

Time Series Analytics

Time series data, such as stock prices or telemetrics holds tremendous value for organizations in predicting the future supply, demand, faults, and outbreaks.

Tabular Data

The most common form of data is tabular. Without the bells and whistles of text and computer vision, tabular data is ubiquitous in general business analytics, marketing data, medical data and more. On such data, we can apply good old statistical and machine learning methods, along with cutting edge deep learning methods which were recently proved valuable for these tasks.

Marketing Optimization

Get more out of your marketing operation. Predict customer lifetime value, predict churn, analyze the customer journey, and more.