MemSQL is now

Real-Time. Unified.
Distributed SQL

Built with a three-tiered storage architecture and designed for millisecond response times, SingleStore brings you the world’s fastest distributed SQL database for real-time analytical applications, SingleStoreDB.

By combining transactional and analytical workloads within a multi-model structure, SingleStoreDB eliminates performance bottlenecks and unnecessary data movement.

Case Study:

How Armis Saves 70% on Data Pipeline Cost with SingleStore

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Why SingleStore?

SingleStore leverages speed, scale and simplicity to deliver a highly performant, highly powerful unified data engine.

Streaming Data Ingestion

High throughput, parallel, exactly once streaming ingest of millions of events paper second.

Support for Complex Queries

Support for Complex Queries SingleStoreDB’s SQL query process matches the performance of top data warehouses.

Three-Tiered Storage

Universal Storage brings together the fast table scan performance of a columnstore, and selective seek performance of rowstore index.

Unified Architecture

SingleStoreDB unifies transactions and analytics in the same engine to deliver high-performance analytics on real-time, operational data.

High Availability

SingleStoreDB is highly available by default, ensuring applications stay online even when facing hardware failures or day-to-day operations.

Separation of Storage & Compute

Get low latency ingest and query capabilities — without giving up elasticity or unlimited storage.

SingleStoreDB empowers you to tap into the simplicity and programmability of MySQL wire protocol, as well as connectors including Spark, Kafka, dbt and more.


SingleStoreDB features familiar SQL tooling and is MySQL wire protocol compatible


Built to handle various data types, SingleStoreDB supports multiple data types (including JSON, time-series, geospatial and full-text search), and runs in multi-or hybrid-cloud environments.


Designed for developers, SingleStoreDB features API-driven workflows and direct integrations to support serverless application development

Enterprise Compliance

SingleStoreDB has industry-leading security certifications including ISO/IEC 27001, SOC Type 2 and Privacy Shield. We’re also fully compliant with CCPA, GDPR and HIPAA requirements.

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Webinar On Demand:

Touring All Flavors of Databases & Exploring Current Big Data Challenges

Watch this practical session, presenting software craftsman and international speaker, Rob Richardson, where we explore the current challenges in Big Data Analytics, tour all flavors of databases, and understand their pros and cons.

Twingo & SingleStore

Twingo is a senior partner and official representative of SingleStore in Israel!

As a leading big data and BI analytics company, Twingo is the ideal partner to represent, sell and deploy SingleStoreDB in Israel.
Their expertise in architecture design and dedication to finding the right solutions to complex problems aligns with our mission of unifying and simplifying modern data through our real-time, distributed SQL database.”

Raj Verma, CEO, SingleStore

What Our Customers Say About SingleStore?

Iron Source
"SingleStore was chosen after testing a number of solutions. We found it to be the best and most comprehensive solution for our needs. IronSource deals with huge volumes of data, and large amounts of data updates. Our company needs to be able to deliver her clients with high speed analytics. Twingo has helped us move smoothly through the complex onboarding process and the migration from the old system to the new solution – from the initial set-up, code modifications and architecture design, to launching and stabilizing the system.”
Guy Kirschbaum / VP of Engineering
"We've conducted an evaluation of various Big Data analytics solutions, and Twingo had worked closely with us to plan and execute this evaluation, in which we finally decided that SingleStore would best fit our needs. We searched for a platform which can insert, update and store massive amounts of data, while runing complex concurrent queries. On top of that, at Armis we have strict, unusual security requirements, that the Twingo team helped to make sure together with the SingleStore R&D that those requirements can be met. The Twingo experts then continued to advise on the architecture, design and implementation of our SingleStore solution. Working with the Twingo team was educative and great, and we will definitely continue to use Twingo's services going forward"
Aviram Cohen
VP R&D / Armis security
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Presale Services

Postsale Services

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Using MemSQL to modernize Data Infrastructure for AI & ML

Only 15% of the organizations have the right architecture and the right data infrastructure for AI, and only 8% of all systems are accessible to AI workflows. MemSQL is particularly well-suited for use in speeding up the workflows that are needed for all kinds of AI and machine learning applications.

Case Study: Lightning-Fast Performance: Imperva Achieves 95% of Queries in Under 900 Milliseconds with Twingo and SingleStore!

When providing Realtime Protection Services, and strategic planning against future security breach attempts, Imperva relies on data-based reports, data-based insights, and quick real-time responses to immediate threats and anomalies.

Twingo has completed a MemSQL based, Big Data Project, for IronSource

The solutions serves IronSource’s mobile clients, worldwide, and enables to merge real time analytics with historic data.