The Modern Way to Build, Manage, and Monitor Data Pipelines

With 180+ pre-built data connectors and pipeline templates, easy transformations, advanced logic & orchestration, and world-class support, you can build data workflows in minutes, not days.

The Full Stack Platform

By unifying the data management workflow into a single platform, Rivery is ushering in a new era where data is accessible, projects are agile and insights are helping our clients.



Connect to any data source.



Transform data directly inside your cloud DWH.



Automate all data processes, from ingestion to delivery.



Maintain total control of data, manage users & environments.


Data Action
(Reverse ETL)

Send data & insights to your business application.

A Full DataOps Platform for Fast-Moving Teams

Ingest, orchestrate, and take action on all of your data. Rivery empowers companies to support more data sources, larger and more complex datasets, speed up time to insights, and increase access to data across the entire organization.

Create One Source of Truth

Get things done fast with 100% data source compatibility and a wide range of 180+ data connectors out-of-the-box.

Get Started in Minutes

Easily build and deploy ELT pipelines. Focus on insights, not infrastructure.

Scale-Up Your Workflows

Support complex scenarios with advanced logic & orchestration.

Keep it Running Smoothly

Monitoring, logging, and alerts for reliable data & workflows. Data lineage and data validation coming soon.

Launch Instant Data Models
with Rivery Kits

Kits provide pre-engineered end-to-end workflow templates with data models, pipelines, transformations, table schemas, and orchestration logic – instant insights at the push of a button.

A Robust, Mature ELT+ Architecture

Ingest any data source

Connect to 150+ plug-and-play data connectors right out-of-the-box. Build data connectors for any data source with Rivery’s custom API and webhook capabilities.

Robust transformation layer

Perform SQL-based transformations in-database, using looping, conditional logic, and support for building dependencies. Native integration with Snowpark for code based transformation.

Powerful orchestration engine

Automate and orchestrate data workflows, from start to finish.

Custom environments

Build and clone custom environments for specific teams, divisions and projects.

Instant data models kits

Instantly launch data models in a single click – including pre-defined business logic – with Rivery Kits. 

Command-line interface

Remotely execute, edit, deploy, and manage data pipelines via CLI and convert data pipelines into infrastructure as code (IaC)

Reverse ETL

Push data from your cloud data warehouse into 3rd party applications, such as Salesforce and Hubspot.

Native SaaS

As a cloud based SaaS platform Rivery can be deployed in seconds and supports unlimited scale.

Premier Global Brands Trust Rivery