About memSQL

MemSQL is a cloud-native, operational database built for SPEED & SCALE, dedicated to helping businesses leverage data to reach their full potential and redefine the limits of what’s possible.

Twingo & MemSQL

Twingo is a senior partner and an official representative of Memqsl in Israel!

Twingo is our best partner in the region. I would highly recommend working with them if you have the opportunity. Their deep knowledge and experience in big data and how-to best leverage MemSQL is a valuable benefit to our customers. We take great pride in having built a long-term partnership with them and it is our pleasure to do business with them.

Nikita Shamgunov, Co-CEO MemSQL
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Presale Services

  • POC – Twingo can design and execute a Proof of Concept (POC) for potential customers, to demonstrate product capabilities. Twingo provide a non-commitment free of charge service of first depth-intro appointment.
  • Licensing - Twingo is a senior Partner of MemSQL in Israel and the only one that can-do licensing in Israel
  • Deployment - Twingo offers end-to-end planning, design and implementation of MemSQL. Our expert team can provide comprehensive Memsql deployment for customers, including: Hardware and architecture design, cloud setup (AWS) and ETL setup. Memsql Professional services by customer demand.

Postsale Services

  • Hardware and architecture design, cloud setup (AWS) and ETL setup
  • Professional services - Twingo's expert team can deploy Vertica for customers and can provide expert services by customer demand.
  • Courses and training – Twingo is the only company qualified to deliver Vertica courses in Israel and in Europe
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Why memSQL?

MemSQL delivers ultimate data ingestion performance at scale and supports built in batch loading and real time data pipelines

Programmatic Pipelines

Build sophisticated for enrichment operations, eliminating the cost and complexity of ETL tooling

Exactly-Once Semantics

Achieve guaranteed message delivery of streaming data for accurate reporting and analysis

Streaming Inputs

Apache Kafka, Apache Spark

Database Inputs

MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, Teradata, Redshift

Storage Inputs

Amazon S3, HDFS

Pipelines for Data Lakes

Continuously ingest data from HDFS and accelerate analytic performance using familiar ANSI SQL

MemSQL delivers ultimate data ingestion performance at scale and supports built in batch loading and real time data pipelines

Sophisticated Insights

Perform ad hoc analysis with business intelligence tools, run machine learning algorithms for real-time scoring, perform geoanalytic queries in real time

Geospatial Support

Store, query, and index geographic data types including polygons and points to support area, distance, location analytics in real-time

JSON Optimized

Store and query JSON data as a column-type to efficiently store and analyze multi-attribute objects

Workload Management

Automatically deliver reliable database performance while under high concurrency – to easily support more users and queries

Full-Text Search

Deliver fast, scalable full text-search applications with keyword-based and regular query conditions in a single SQL statement

Multi-Statement Transactions

Multi-statement transactions allow a set of DML statements to be combined into a single transaction

Compiled Queries

Repeat queries are compiled into low level machine code to deliver record breaking response for analytic queries

Fully Distributed Joins

Scale out fully distributed JOINs across any table and column for simple efficient query access

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Using MemSQL to modernize Data Infrastructure for AI & ML

Only 15% of the organizations have the right architecture and the right data infrastructure for AI, and only 8% of all systems are accessible to AI workflows. MemSQL is particularly well-suited for use in speeding up the workflows that are needed for all kinds of AI and machine learning applications.

Case Study: How Twingo & MemSQL Supercharged Monday.com’s BI Capabilities

Daniel Mittelman, Infrastructure & Security Engineer at monday.com, shares how and why Monday.com moved to MemSQL, and why it’s awesome.

Twingo has completed a MemSQL based, Big Data Project, for IronSource

The solutions serves IronSource’s mobile clients, worldwide, and enables to merge real time analytics with historic data.