About MapR

The MapR Data Platform delivers dataware for AI and analytics. Dataware effectively handles the diversity of data types, data access, and ecosystem tools needed to manage data as an enterprise resource regardless of the underlying infrastructure or location.
With the MapR Data Platform, users can store, manage, process, and analyze all data – including files, tables, and streams from operational, historical, and real-time data sources – with mission-critical reliability to meet production SLAs. MapR offers a core set of data services to ensure exabyte scale and high performance while providing unmatched data protection, disaster recovery, security, and management services. Open APIs and support for containerization ensure broad distributed application access and seamless application portability. The MapR Data Platform runs on commodity hardware across on-premises, cloud, and edge deployments.
MapR includes a wide variety of analytics and open source tools such as Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase, Apache Spark, Apache Drill, and Apache Hive. With support for POSIX, cutting-edge AI and ML tools like new Python ML libraries can run natively on the same cluster as other analytics and leverage the power of the MapR Data Platform.

Twingo & MapR

Twingo is a local partner and an official representative of MapR in Israel.

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Presale Services

  • Twingo can design and execute a Proof of Concept (POC) for potential customers to demonstrate product capabilities. Twingo provides a non-commitment free of charge first depth-intro appointment.

Postsale Services

  • Twingo offers end-to-end planning, design and implementation of MapR. Our expert team can provide comprehensive MAPR deployment for customers, including: Hardware and architecture design, cloud setup (AWS) and ETL setup.
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MapR's Advantages

  • Data is your most important digital asset, so make sure you treat it like a first-class citizen!
  • Successful data-driven transformers have a secret of success. They are calling it dataware: A new layer in the enterprise stack that radically simplifies the path to unlocking the value of their data.
  • Whether it's data at rest or data in motion, the future is about getting business value from all your data faster. MapR's goal is to help you avoid a costly patchwork of data silos with dataware that powers your data-intensive AI apps and puts both data and insight wherever you need it most – at the edge, in the cloud, in a data center, on an oil rig, in your car, at the scanner at the grocery store.
  • MapR, has created a data platform that harnesses, manages, protects all your data, and powers the next generation of AI and analytics applications that are essential for data-driven transformation.