The New Standard for cloud Data Virtualization

Varada enables data architects to seamlessly accelerate and optimize workloads, using dynamic analysis and adaptive indexing, resulting in optimal control over performance and cost. Varada’s data platform runs in your cloud environment, enabling any SQL consumer to easily query any data source.



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How to Close the Data Virtualization Gap: Augmenting AWS Athena to Optimize Performance & Cost

Closing Data Virtualization Gaps

Data virtualization was designed to deliver flexibility and quick time-to-market. But, to truly achieve performance and cost requirements, data teams are challenged by heavy data-ops. Varada enables large and complex datasets to optimally serve analytic users and apps by automatically making them extremely fast and instantly operational.

Why Varada?

Though enterprises collect massive amounts of data, only a small portion of it is operational and can be used effectively due to the complexity and extensive processing effort (time-to-value and cost) required.

Existing solutions only optimize one aspect of the problem: either performance (speed, interactivity) or business agility (the ability to deliver all data requirements in a timely manner). Doing both will often be extremely inefficient in both cost and time-to-value. Bottom line, as data keeps growing in scale and complexity, users and data products leverage less of it.

Varada’s unique data infrastructure platform enables enterprises to significantly increase their operational datasets (1 billion+ rows per day) without compromising on performance. Varada enables queries to run on any dimension at its source granularity, enabling business users, data apps and BI to unlock the true value of data.

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Varada's Benefits

x10-x100 Faster Response Time For Any Query

Varada’s dynamic and adaptive indexing technology ensures queries will run at interactive response time, especially highly selective queries. Varada automatically analyzes and detects which datasets to accelerate, and then applies the optimal index, while giving data architects full control in prioritizing workloads and defining budgets and performance requirements.

Operationalize Your Entire Data Lake

To ensure performance, many enterprises compromise on accessing all their available data and settle for isolated data silos that have been prepared and modeled to enable speedy queries. Varada instantaneously transforms your available data into operational data so you can say goodbye to lengthy data preparation projects and leverage x10 more data . Varada enables queries to run on any column at its source granularity, unlocking the true value of data.

Self-Optimizing & Budget-Based Cluster Management

Varada’s machine-learning optimization tools continuously track cluster performance and data usage. Varada monitors queries on a workload-basis to see which tables are used the most, how queries are running and where bottlenecks form, and automatically adapts the operational dataset. Varada also leverages advanced cost-based optimization to ensure the best possible resource utilization.

Serve Data Consumers In Your Cloud Environment

Varada is deployed as a private managed service, running in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), so that data is not duplicated and does not need to leave your account. Varada seamlessly connects to all your existing data sources and serves any SQL data consumers out-of-the-box.

The Power of Adaptive & Dynamic Indexing

Varada’s indexing technology breaks data, across any column, into nano blocks. Varada automatically chooses the most effective index for each nano-block based on the data content and structure. Varada uses a variety of indexes such as Bitmap, Dictionary, Trees, text analysis etc. and tailor each one to every nano block. This unique indexing technology is what makes all your data available and interactive.

Twingo & Varada

Twingo is the official marketing and deployment representative of Varada in Israel.

"As an engineering-oriented big data infrastructure product, we needed a partner that has the highest understanding of Big Data engineering and has real-world knowledge of dealing with billions of data and events streaming into production. The level of experience and knowledge in Big Data engineering made Twingo the ideal partner for us. Varada chose Twingo as our exclusive partner in Israel"

Ori Reshef, VP Products at Varada
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Presale Services

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