About upsolver

Upsolver – Frictionless Data Lake Ingestion and ETL

Upsolver unlocks the value of your AWS data lake by automating labor-intensive data engineering work. Effortlessly build perfect data pipelines with nothing but a visual interface and the SQL you already know.

Great experience working with Twingo. The team has high proficiency in the big data space, and we were able to achieve great results and joint customers shortly after starting to work with Twingo.

Uri Maoz, COO & CO FOUNDER, upsolver
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Presale Services

  • POC – Twingo can design and execute a Proof of Concept for potential customers, to demonstrate product capabilities.
  • Licensing - Twingo is a premier partner of Upsolver in Israel

Postsale Services

  • Hardware and architecture design, cloud setup (AWS) and ETL setup
  • Professional services - Twingo's expert team can deploy Vertica for customers and can provide expert services by customer demand.
  • Courses and training – Twingo is the only company qualified to deliver Vertica courses in Israel and in Europe
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Why upsolver?

Upsolver eliminates the main data engineering bottlenecks for big data and data lake initiatives -stream processing, data management and data integration for semi-structured data – and is unique in that it provides a true end-to-end, self-service solution for data lake activation, without sacrificing performance or flexibility.

Vertica's Advantages

  • Launching advanced analytics and machine learning projects, in weeks instead of months or years, by removing data engineering roadblocks
  • Giving ubiquitous access to cloud data lakes to departments across the organization, without over-reliance on experts to provide the data
  • Non-IT users, such as business analysts, independently analyze data from sources such as IoT devices and click-streams.
  • Improved performance and lower costs for large-scale analytic querying against object storage
  • Access to fresher data for more accurate decisions in real time (streaming rather than batch data freshness)
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Feature Highlights