Big Data deployment by Twingo for StartApp

Twingo has successfully deployed HP Vertica and MicroStrategy for StartApp, a successful startup company.

Twingo has successfully deployed HP Vertica and MicroStrategy for StartApp, a successful startup company. This is an interview with the company’s Chief Science Officer, published in Globes.

Dror Yosef, Chief Science Officer for StartApp – which develops and markets a mobile advertising platform and one of Forbes’ 25 Hot Startups – notes that “mobile advertising is, by definition, all about Big Data. We contact 200 million active users daily with 6 billion impressions per month. To efficiently and effectively handle such a volume of information, we had to choose advanced Big Data solutions and to deploy these together with a leading consulting and deployment provider, specialized and experienced to the highest level.”

Yosef added: “we were assisted by Twingo in two deployments – Vertica and MicroStrategy. We send all ads and other events on our platform to Vertica, for continued analysis, running data through sophisticated algorithmic models etc. For us, Vertica is the basis for everything, the well from which the entire organization drinks.

Twingo assisted us from the very outset on the Vertica deployment. From hardware design, through installation performed with Twingo experts – and all the way to deployment of the solution across the organization. Later on, Twingo staff assisted us as DBA, providing infrastructure support for the system. Thus, for example, Twingo assisted us in designing and transferring the cluster without shutting down the system during this process.

Twingo experts have also deployed a MicroStrategy solution for our company – a custom BI tool for Big Data, which allows data queries to run on large-scale data volumes. Twingo helped us to study this solution and together, we have produced a Proof of Concept for the product. This is an efficient tool with a sophisticated engine and smart query generator, along with a set of reports and dashboards for internal dissemination of data across the organization. Despite these advantages of the solution, there is limited knowledge about this product, which means we had to rely on an experienced partner – which we found in Twingo.”

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